Supported Devices

Swipe, dip and tap in-person payments with Fattmerchant’s Stax API. Connect one or more of the following devices and send transactions from your software, website, or mobile app to a physical device to complete the payment.

While there are many supported devices, continue reading to determine the device that works best for you.

Wifi Terminals

The following Wifi devices connect to your software via Stax’s RESTful API.

Bluetooth Mobile Readers

The following devices connect to your mobile application via bluetooth. You must use one of the mobile SDKs to utilize these devices.

iOS Docs

Android Docs

To get started processing in-person payments, please reach out to your Account Manager or your Partner Success Manager. They will be able to assist with ordering your hardware in addition to ensuring that your account is programmed correctly. If you are unsure of who to reach out to, please feel free to contact our support team by calling 855-550-3288 ext. 2