Enroll Your Merchants

Choose from the 3 enrollment options below.

If you are interested in an alternative option, please reach out to your Partner Success Manager.

Enrollment API

Add the enrollment process to your software, right alongside your current payment flow.

Co-Branded Landing Page

Send your merchants to a landing page to complete the enrollment form.


Provide your merchants with a white glove experience and fill out the enrollment form for them using your Stax Connect dashboard.

If you are interested in using a co-branded landing page or Stax Connect to enroll your merchants, please reach out to your Partner Success Manager to get started.

If you are using the Enrollment API, follow the steps below.

Follow the steps below to add the enrollment process to your software.

Create a Sub-Merchant

Create a sub-merchant to begin the enrollment process.

See Example

Create or Update a Sub-Merchant’s Registration Data

Use this call if you need to update the registration information that was sent to the underwriting team for a merchant.

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Get All Sub-Merchants

See a list of all sub-merchants. Add query parameters to sort and filter your sub-merchant list.

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Create a New API Key for Sub-Merchant

Create an API key for a sub-merchant account. The API key will be used to connect the merchant account to connect payment processing to your platform.

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List API Keys for Merchant

See a complete list of all API keys created for a sub-merchant.

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Get a Merchant’s Registration Data

View the information submitted for a sub-merchant during the enrollment process.

The information that is returned includes the merchants registration status, as it currently stands with underwriting.

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Add a File to Merchant’s Registration

Supporting documentation will need to be uploaded during the registration process for a merchant.

Supporting documentation that may be requested:

  • bank statements
  • previous processing statements
  • void check

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Delete File from Merchant Registration

Use this call to delete a file that was uploaded during the merchant registration process.

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