Level 2 Processing with Stax API

What is Level 2 processing?

The card processing level your business uses is related to how much information you collect about a customer when you charge them. By default, companies process at Level 1, which means that each transaction includes the card number, card expiration, and zip code. To process at Level 2, the business must collect more information. These processing levels are only available to B2B businesses or the government. In Stax, most accounts can be configured for L2 processing, offering businesses a way to lower their credit card processing costs. Read more about how Level 2 processing can benefit your business


Assuming your account is set up for L2 processing, you can send in the required L2 data using our API when making a charge. Keep in mind that transactions will not automatically process as L2 by simply sending in the required fields, as it is ultimately the card brand making the final decision. Taking into consideration the following requirements will ensure your best likelihood for a transaction to qualify for L2 processing:

  • Level 1 data must be supplied (card number, cvv, expiration date, zip code)
  • A supported business card must be used (Mastercard/VISA)
  • A PO number / customer code must be supplied
  • A shipping amount must be supplied, but can be $0.00
  • A tax rate must be supplied, must be non-zero, and must be in a reasonable tax rate range (0.1% - 30% of the transaction’s total)

Call 833-782-9729 to learn more about Level 2 processing. For existing customers, please contact business support for more information.

Technical Implementation

Whether you are implementing our Javascript Library for one-time payments in your software, or making charges against existing cards on file with Stax API, there are specific fields which need to be passed to the transaction’s meta field at the time of payment. The tax, poNumber, and shippingAmount fields within the meta are the required L2 data fields.

Charge a Payment Method Sample Request Body:

  "payment_method_id": "1234-5678-0987-6543",
  "total": 10.00,
  "meta": {
    "tax": 0.80, // must be a numeric value between 0.1% and 0.30% of the transaction's total
    "poNumber": "7649", // customer code
    "shippingAmount" 2 // the shipping amount for the transaction
  "pre_auth": false

When using the Javascript Library simply send in the tax, poNumber, and shippingAmount into the meta similar to the sample request above

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