Libraries & SDKs


Fattmerchant.js is our JavaScript library which allows your business to collect and tokenize payment information on the web without having to worry about handling sensitive information directly, providing your business a simple solution for accepting payments.

Whether you plan to simply run one-time payments, or you need to store payment tokens on file for additional capabilities such as recurring payments, or charging a payment method on file, Fattmerchant.js is the first step in your payments flow, making integration easy and secure!


  • PCI Compliance
  • Fully customizable payment form
  • One-time payments using the .pay() method
  • Built-in invoices and receipt functionality
  • Saving payment methods for future purchases
  • The same library for both card and bank

Pay with Card →
Accept card payments in your software or website.

Pay with Bank →
Accept payment payments in your software or website.

Tokenize Card →
Tokenize card information without card data ever hitting your site.

Tokenize Bank →
Tokenize bank account information without bank data ever hitting your site.

Omni Mobile SDK

The Omni Mobile SDK is available for both iOS and Android. Using the mobile SDK allows you to securely tokenize payment methods on your app, ultimately maintaining PCI compliance.


  • PCI Compliance
  • Saving Payment Methods for future payments
  • Swipe, dip and tap with connected bluetooth readers
  • Process both card and bank payments

Pay With Card →
Swipe cards using a connected bluetooth mobile reader.

Tokenize Cards →
Tokenize cards for future payments.

Pay with Bank Account - iOS →
Use your iOS app to key in bank information.

Pay with Bank Account - Android →
Use your Android app to key in bank information.

Tokenize Bank Account →
Tokenize bank accounts for future payments.