SSO to Stax

Send your sub-merchants to Stax via SSO to use reports and functionality that you haven’t added to your platform.

Sub-merchants can use Stax to:

  • Perform Voids and Refunds via their Payments List.
  • View and download their Deposits.
  • View their Disputes.
  • Download Monthly Processing Statements.

To do this, you will simply add a button to your application that will take your sub-merchant to where they need to go in Stax.


You must complete the following steps to implement SSO into your software.

  1. Create a Merchant in Stax to represent one of your sub-merchants.

    See Example

  2. Create your merchant’s API Key.

    See Example

  3. Create an Stax user account using the merchant’s API key.

    See Example

Request SSO into Stax

Create a URL that grants your user SSO access into Stax or Self Registration.

This URL can be programmatically constructed and conveniently placed within a button for your user to click on.

Once authenticated, Stax will automatically navigate the user to the page you have specified.

  1. Request an ephemeral authentication token for the user who needs to SSO (this will expire in 24 hours).

    See Example

    Use this token to send your user to Stax or Self Registration.

  2. Begin constructing the URL by specifying the app’s SSO page.
    • For Stax,
    • For Self registration,
  3. Pass in the ephemeral token as the jwt[] URL query parameter
    • Example: jwt[]=myEphemeralToken
  4. Designate the login redirect URL query parameter
    • This value is the page within Stax Pay or Stax Signup Pages where the user will be redirected after successful authentication. This value should be URL-encoded.
    • Note: if the loginRedirect or redirect url parameter is not provided, the user will be redirected to the app’s homepage.

    For Stax Signup Pages

    • URL parameter is named redirect
    • Example: Stax Signup Pages Review Page &redirect=application%2Freview

    For Stax Pay

    • URL parameter is named loginRedirect
    • Example: Stax Pay Deposit Report page, with start- and end-date parameters &loginRedirect=report%2Fdeposit-report%3FstartDate%3D2020-01-01%252000%253A00%253A00%26endDate%3D2020-09-25%252023%253A59%253A59%26timezone%3DEDT%26order%3DDESC%26page%3D1
  5. Build the Full SSO URL
    • Example of full URL granting SSO into Stax Pay:[]=myEphemeralToken
    • Example of full URL granting SSO into the Signup Pages:[]=myEphemeralToken