Stax Connect Dashboard

The Stax Connect dashboard is your tool for monitoring your merchants in the enrollment process in addition to your residual reporting.

Give your support agents access to Stax Connect so they can provide your merchants with tier 1 support. Support agents use Stax Connect to view payments, pricing, deposits, and disputes on a merchant level.

Log In to Stax Connect

Log In to Stax Connect

Adding Users

If you would like to add additional users to your Stax Connect account, please email your request to

When requesting to add users, please include the following information in your email:

  • User Name
  • Email Address

A member of the Partner Support Team will respond back to your email with further login information.

Searching for Sub-Merchants

To search for a sub-merchant:

  • Click on the Merchants tab from the main navigation
  • Use the Keyword Search to locate the sub-merchant you are looking for
  • Once located, click on the merchants to drill into additional details

Merchant Details

When viewing merchant details, the following information will be found.

  • Business Information
  • Enrollment
  • Transasctions
  • Deposits

Business Information

Business information provides general information for your sub-merchant such as contact information and pricing.

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Pricing
  • Gateway Information


To view enrollment for a specific sub-merchant, click on Enrollment.

When viewing the enrollment tab, you can see the information that has been submitted with the merchants application.

You can also use the Enrollment tab to submit an application for your sub-merchant.


Click on the Transactions tab to search a sub-merchants transaction history.

By default, the transaction list will show all most recent transactions starting with the most recent at the top of the screen.

The keyword search at the top of the page can be used to find specific transactions.


Deposit details can be found by clicking on the Deposits tab from the navigation

The most recent deposits will list first and you can drill into each deposit detail by clicking on the deposit.

Submit an Escalated Support Ticket

If a level 1 support agent needs additional assistance, they can submit an escalated support ticket to Fattmerchant by clicking on Escalated Support from the main navigation.

When submitting an escalated support request, the following information will need to be included:

  • Subject: state a summary of the issue here
  • Description: provide more detail of the issue here
  • Business Name: list the business name as it is seen in Stax Connect Merchant ID (MID): If a MID is available for the account, please include it here as it will expedite the support process

Once a support request is received, The Partner Success Manager will review the request and will reach out to you once a resolution is reached. Please allow 24 business hours for a response.